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AQ Education

The Education QA process is designed to monitor teaching and training activity.
This includes: defining goals, implementing necessary action to achieve these goals and removing any obstacles, observing activity and evaluating results.

The main subjects involved in teaching/training QA in terms of teaching structures are:

  • Joint Teacher-Student Committees of Departments and the School
  • Teaching Quality Managers for Departments
  • Course management.

The structure of the Education QA board is composed of:

  • Teaching Quality Manager for Department
  • Joint Teacher-Student Committees
  • Quality Management groups (one for each course)
  • Review groups (one for each course).

In the case of non-medical departments, these boards are selected by the Department Council.

In the case of the medical departments, the choice is made by the School of Medicine, which selects a teaching quality manager for each department within the school.

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