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Vercelli (47,000 inhabitants) is one of the oldest urban sites in northern Italy, at an equal distance from Turin and Milan. It is one of the most important European centres for the cultivation of rice. It is also a real gem for people who are interested in art and history, as it is home to some outstanding museums and many noteworthy monuments. Every year the city also hosts the Viotti International Music Competition, one of the longest-running music contests in the world.

3,000 students are offered 12 degree programmes in two main complexes: the Humanities Campus, where the DISUM has its headquarters, and the Campus San Giuseppe, which hosts the teaching activities of both the DISIT and DISUM. 

The Department

The Department of Humanities (DISUM) is located in Vercelli where three bachelor’s degrees (Philosophy and Communication; Arts and Humanities; Foreign Languages) and three master’s degrees (Philosophy; Modern, Classical and Comparative Philology; Languages, Cultures, Tourism) are offered, and in Alessandria, where the bachelor’s degree in Arts and Humanities is offered.

Most classes of the bachelor’s degree in Foreign Languages and of the master’s degree in Languages, Cultures, Tourism are taught in English, French, German and Spanish. Some classes of the other degrees are given in English too (please see the list of the “Subjects lectured in English”).

The DISUM features a breadth of research and teaching issues in the humanities, and specifically philosophy (from the ancient world to the contemporary philosophical issues), in literature and philology (from the classical traditions to the contemporary literature examined from a comparative and a theoretical point of view), linguistics (both in a historical and a synchronic perspective), history (from ancient to contemporary time) and cultural heritage (archaeology, history of art).

The Department is devoted to interdisciplinary research and dissemination of knowledge. For this purpose, it supports the development of scientific and educational exchanges with national and international universities and research institutions. Students have the opportunity to participate in training programs and spend study periods in many European universities. The Department also offers a double degree program in collaboration with the Université de Savoie Mont Blanc in Chambéry (France).


What you can study at the Department of Humanities

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Department of humanities
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Subjects lectured in Spanish
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Subjects lectured in German
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Subjects lectured in French
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Subjects lectured in English
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