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In recent years, the University of Eastern Piedmont and the Department of Humanities have focused on making internationalisation a key part of their identity.

Experiences abroad, such as those offered by the Department, are excellent opportunities to experience and learn about cultural dynamics different from those of "one's own home" and to strengthen communication skills in a foreign language. This allows you to be more ready to enter the constantly changing global world of work.

The Lisbon Declaration, the Bologna Process and the subsequent series of agreements, culminating in the Budapest-Vienna Declaration (2010), created the "European area of higher education", characterised by very specific guidelines and objectives, such as curricular reform, mutual recognition of qualifications, quality assurance, mobility, social dimension, autonomy and accountability.

In this section, you can find the international agreements, current projects, opportunities offered to students, teachers and technical/administrative staff, and partner institutions.


  • Internationalisation contact person: prof. Miriam Ravetto
  • dott. Ombretta Finotello (Teaching and Student Services Office)
    former convent wing S. Andrea, via Galileo Ferraris 116 - tel. 0161228231 fax 0161228229

Other opportunities abroad

You can plan your activity abroad or seek training opportunities and financial support in other countries.

In this section you will find information on how to go to institutions in the European Union or other European countries, or in the United States or Japan.



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