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FIERI – Italian/European Forum of Immigration Research

Disum has entered into an agreement with FIERI (Italian European Immigration Research Forum), of which Prof. Anna Elisabetta Galeotti has become President. This agreement, similar to that stipulated by FIERI with the UNITED Department of Political and Social Sciences, guarantees the contribution of social science researchers which is essential for presenting European projects.

FIERI is an independent institute whose main object of study is migration, mobility and integration. Since its foundation in 2001, it has been committed to promoting a comparative and interdisciplinary approach to the study of social and political transformations associated with population mobility and growing cultural diversity, adopting a global view of these changes. The goal is to overcome the traditionally exclusive focus on migrants and their descendants in favour of considering the transformations of the entire society and local communities.

FIERI is actively engaged in several European and international networks and, at the same time, is deeply rooted in the Italian context, also through proactive interaction with politics, media and civil society.

Last modified 5 July 2023