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The Department is the University structure in which the human resources belonging to its courses of study for research and teaching activities are enhanced and coordinated. It is also responsible for research activities in areas that are consistent with each other in terms of objectives, content and methods, as well as for the development of skills for the corresponding teaching activities.


The Department's mission is aimed at the development of multidisciplinary research aimed at the enhancement and dissemination of humanistic studies, as well as at the incidence of culture as an essential tool for the development of a structured critical consciousness. In particular, the Department's research is aimed at the enhancement of classical, modern and contemporary skills, according to a perspective of interchange between philosophical, historical, historical-artistic, archaeological, anthropological, geographical, comparative, linguistic-literary and socio-political disciplines.

The excellence of the research developed within the Department is demonstrated by the fact that the Ministry of University and Research (MUR) has confirmed it among the 350 best departments in Italy for the five-year period 2023-27, having already done so in 2018-22.


Areas of research

The Department's research activity is mainly carried out in the following general areas:

Area 1: Area 10 (Italian, European and Anglo-American foreign languages and literatures, disciplines of antiquity, linguistics and philology, archaeology, art histories and cinema).

Area 2: Area 11 (history of philosophy, theoretical and moral philosophy, philosophy of language and science, history, from medieval to contemporary, geography, librarianship and palaeography, demoethnoanthropological disciplines).

Area 3: Area 14 (political philosophy, history of political thought, sociology).