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Student Activities

University life does not consist solely of lessons, exams and study. It also includes socialising, getting together and participation. For this reason, there are the student associations and student representatives within the governing bodies of the Department and University. Find out about the extra-curricular cultural, recreational and sports activity, to participate fully in the Department life at DISUM

The Organisation for the Right to Higher Education, the Department and the University can help you in your studies and finding accommodation.
In Vercelli, for example, there are two university halls:

  • University hall “Dal Pozzo” – Via Dal Pozzo 10. This is a historic building that hosts the Chancellor’s offices, in the heart of the city. Equipped with all facilities, it has a total of 51 beds, in single and double rooms.
  • University Hall “Quintino Sella” – Via Quintino Sella, 5. Recently renovated, these premises are in the centre, near the university premises. Equipped with all facilities, it has a total of 48 beds, in single and double rooms.

For more information

In the section Our services for students on the university website, you can find all the services offered to make life easier for students, both inside and outside the University itself.

Student Associations

The student associations are concerned with planning, coordinating and supplying information on cultural and recreational activity for students.

Visit the University website to discover the student associations at our University: to find out more

Cultural, sports and recreational activity

DISUM and the University support cultural, sports and recreational extra-curricular activity.

If you like theatre, the Modern Languages course has offered for years the project ‘Tillit: Theatre in Language, Language in Theatre”. Visit the website

If you like travel, our Department organises every year a study trip to Greece with students, teachers and researchers who share an excellent research experience. The Bachelor’s degree in Tourism Management and Marketing, and the Department for Economics and Business Studies often organise educational trips.

If you like sport, the University Sports Centre of Piemonte Orientale (CUSPO) is perfect for you. Visit the website.

If you like music, you can apply to the Orchestra and Choir of Piemonte Orientale. Visit the website.

WebRadio 6023

Another really exciting experience is joining the team at Radio 6023, the UPO students’ Webradio. A very popular station, it has participated in the university radio festival, where it regularly wins awards and trophies.

Radio 6023 was founded on 9 May 2005 by a university students’ association, operating within the Faculty of Literature and Philosophy at Vercelli (now DISUM), specifically thanks to a group of students who were radio transmission fans.

Radio 6023 is part of RadUni, the association of university radio operators.

Webradio, tel. 0161228219
Skype: radio.6023

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