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Forms and procedures

At the bottom of this page you can find forms that can be downloaded and completed.

This is the link to the University application for reimbursements .

In particular, forms related to the application to graduate must be delivered to the Student Services Office along with your student transcript of exams (if you are still in possession of this document).

Here, meanwhile, you can find the leaflet with information on Careers guidance and Authorisation to use your institutional contact details after graduation
Careers guidance (Tuttostudenti /Forms section on the University website; last attachment).

Registration form for "UPO Alumni Young"

New graduates from Università del Piemonte become (free of charge) Members of the UPO Alumni Association, within the “UPO Alumni Young” group.
This allows them use of all services and special discounts for association members for a year, after which they may choose of their own accord and without any obligation, to renew their membership of the UPO Alumni association by payment of a registration fee or end their membership with the Association.

For more information on UPO Alumni , visit the website  "You and your university. Close at one time, connected forever".

Other forms that you may need for enrolment / registration procedures or more general issues during your time at university are available in this section on the University website.


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