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Careers Guidance

The University and Departmental Career Guidance service is designed for:

  • Non-enrolled students
  • Enrolled students
  • Recently-graduated students
  • Initiatives for schools (side menu)

Careers guidance at Disum – contact persons:

  • Careers Guidance Representative: prof. Laurence Audéoud
  • Representatives for Literature: prof. Ludovica Maconi and Philosophy: prof. Silvia Fazzo
  • Teaching Office and Student Services
    former convent area S. Andrea, via Galileo Ferraris 116 - tel. 0161 228235 fax 0161228229

Careers guidance in the University representatives: University website section  

Careers-guidance for non-enrolled students

Pre-university careers guidance is aimed at students in the final years of high school. It offers information on courses and activity at DISUM and the University, as well as the right to higher education and possibility of communicating with teachers and students.

For more information, visit Careers Guidance on the University website where you will find:

To consult the guides from previous years, see the Archive of Student Guides

Careers Guidance for enrolled students

  • The Open Day for Freshers, which takes place at the beginning of the academic year and is helpful in introducing Department teachers, the subject areas and receiving information on the organisation of courses and university studies
  • Specific career guidance sessions organised by the DISUM Library, during October and November
  • Enrolment Information Points 
  • SOSTA, the Careers Guidance and Tutoring System Service at the University

Careers guidance for recent graduates

Post-university careers guidance is aimed at students in the final years of university and recent graduates; it is designed to help you enter the world of work or continuing studies.
For more information, see the section Graduates Profile on the University website. 

For job placements, workshops and seminars, visit the Job Placement section of the university website

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