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IRIS (Institutional Research Information System) is the new public portal Cineca, dedicated to the collection and management of data related to research findings, and has inherited the data and functionality of the U-GOV Catalogue. It is a unique system, integrated with other University systems, which can interact with the national and international central systems for management and diffusion of publications, in compliance with MIUR requirements and the European Commission on Open Access.

On entering the IRIS portal, you can see an overview of all University research projects; in the top right-hand corner is a login button whereby you can access the individual page of the catalogue product, using the same login credentials that you use for other University systems (email, intranet, etc).

In the menu bar of the IRIS System, at the top, is a “HELP” section which offers the handbook on use, video tutorials and webinars. Also, the FAQ section is available on the University website (Research).

Also, every department has a contact person who offers information and support to users: in DISUM in the process of being definined


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